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Oregon Food Bank Provides Rapid Relief

On a regular November morning, SVDP La Pine’s Freezer Pump to our main unit went out unexpectedly, ushering a domino effect of volunteers removing viable food meant for community members in need and finding spaces and people who could use it up as quickly as possible. Our team became very nervous because the cost of repair was just under $5,000, and such an amount for our small volunteer-operated food bank seemed unfeasible!

However, thanks to an essential program run by the Oregon Food Bank called the Rapid Relief grant; we were able to apply for funding and receive a grant within two weeks of the problem and have the freezer back up and running just as quickly!

We are so grateful to the Oregon Food Bank and their support to quickly fix an essential component of providing fresh and healthy food to our community members. Thank you, OFB, for your constant support!

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