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History of SVDP La Pine

History of SVDP La Pine

Arlene Mura founded the thrift store in the mid-seventies and used the initial profits to build social services for the community, including a food bank out of the thrift store. By the 90’s Corinne Martinez became the board president, and soon after, Jerry Moore began as General Manager, and all programs were brought under the name of SVDP La Pine. Since then, the organization has been led by community volunteers and has become a mainstay that thousands rely on during times of crisis and hardship. With connections to every organization in town, a large and bustling thrift store in the center, and a social services building a few blocks from there, the organization is set up to serve. Throughout its existence, SVDP La Pine has remained true to the needs of its community by operating the food bank since the beginning and bringing on social services as they were needed. Since its beginning, the organization has developed large-scale social services programming that now serves over 20,000 clients with services annually.

SVDP La Pine’s mission is to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, welcome the stranger, clothe the naked, tend to the sick, and serve the community. Our vision is to be part of a connected and compassionate community of service providers in rural Oregon and see our community members break cycles of poverty, addiction, and abuse. SVDP La Pine starts with the person’s immediate needs and empowers them with a hand up through compassion-based social services and education, resulting in their ability to claim and be accountable for their independence and autonomy and build the life of their dreams.

SVDP La Pine does this work by pulling people out of poverty through essential services, including a food bank, vouchers for clothing, showers, laundry, propane, medications, utility bills, and essential supplies. Additionally, SVDP La Pine provides education, job training, and employment assistance through the thrift store in a positive and enriching environment while providing discounted goods to the community.

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